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My Messages for Teens

My Messages for Teens is an interactive e-course that helps struggling students express their thoughts, explore their feelings, and understand their value as individuals. This self-paced course is based on ASCA standards and provides individualized student insight necessary to help at-risk students succeed. Critical information is captured and translated into data through pre and post-assessments, thought-provoking questions, and the opportunity for students to respond in their own words. This enables counselors to create effective and customized student treatment plans. My Messages for Teens is ideal for addressing family support, educational needs, truancy, absenteeism, poor academic performance, and self-discovery. 

My Messages for Children

My Messages for Children is an engaging, interactive workbook and e-course that guides students in grades 3 to 7 through a journey of self-discovery while allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings in an engaging format. Based on ASCA standards, this e-course is also used to effectively address issues related to confidence, family support, educational needs, poor academic performance, and other challenges at-risk students face. My Messages for Children captures information directly from student responses and creates data that is used to develop treatment plans that move the individual student forward. 


What’s Included in the E-Course bundle:  

My Messages- Explanation Video

My Messages- Letter of Informed Consents for Teens and Adolescent Group Setting

My Messages- Attendance and Feelings Tracker-Children/Teens

My Messages- Teacher Screening/Intervention Form

My Messages- Student Support Plan

My Messages- Weekly Progress Monitoring

My Messages- 10 Unit Lesson Plans-Children/Teens

My Messages- Video E-Course for Children

My Messages- Pre-Survey-included with E-Course for Teens

My Messages- Post-Survey-included with E-Course for Teens

My Messages- SCORM file to be downloaded to your school's Learning Management System

What's Inclued
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